Chris Gregory

A professional horseshoer since 1987, Chris Gregory is one of the most trusted names in farriery and hoof-care education. Through his commitment to improve equine footcare, over 1000 students have graduated from his horseshoeing programs, many times that have attended his clinics and lectures and thousands of hoof-care practitioners around the world have read his various articles and guides.

Chris holds several academic degrees, including a master’s degree in human resource development, two bachelor’s degrees (with a minor) and an associate’s degree.

An American Farrier’s Association Certified Journeyman Farrier, Chris has successfully passed this certification several times since first doing so in 1991.  The AFA has recognized Chris with its Jim Linzy Outstanding Clinician Award twice, and Outstanding Farrier Educator Award 3 times.

Chris earned the title of Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers (FWCF) at the age of 30.  The Worshipful Company of Farriers, (WCF) is a group founded in London in 1356 and regarded by many as stewards of horseshoeing’s highest standards. Only 35 farriers currently hold this distinction, four of those Americans. In 2010, the Company named Chris an examiner, becoming the first American to work as an examiner for a WCF exam.

Chris Gregory competing at Calgary
Chris Gregory teaching students

A sought-after educator, clinician and lecturer, Chris has appeared at farrier and equine footcare events across the United States and around the globe. He has presented numerous times at the American Farrier’s Association Annual Convention and the International Hoof-Care Summit. Chris judged the first certification for the South African Farrier Association and wrote the certification exam for the Association of Brazilian Farriers.

Chris’s writings has appeared in American Farriers Journal, Anvil Magazine, Rural Heritage, Loose Shoe, and Western Horseman, to name a few.

In 2008 at the age of 39, Chris was inducted into the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame, joining nearly 120 accomplished members.

A farrier school operator since 1991, Chris and his wife Kelly opened the Heartland Horseshoeing School in 1995. Their graduates have gone on to shoe every discipline of horses and develop noteworthy practices. Several of these students have been named “Rising Shoe Stars,” an annual award presented at the International Hoof-Care Summit to recognize the accomplishments of farriers who have graduated from a shoeing school 3 years prior.

Chris and Kelly Gregory are the proud parents of two children, Cody and Jacquelyn. In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time with his family, horseshoeing contests, writing, and running his farm outside Lamar, Missouri.

Kelly Gregory

Kelly has been helping Chris with their shoeing business since before their marriage in 1988.  She took a 4-year break from the rigors of farriery after college to stay home with their 2 kids, Cody and Jacquelyn.  Once they moved to Missouri and opened Heartland Horseshoeing School, Kelly became an American Farriers Association Certified Farrier, and began working with Chris full time as an instructor.  She has competed in several horseshoeing contests, including the World Championship Blacksmiths Contest in Calgary, and has some buckles on the wall that attest to her competence.  In 2006, Kelly was named as a co-winner of the American Farriers Association Outstanding Farrier Educator of the Year award with Chris.

Kelly brings another element to the art of education, and is a huge asset to the school.  In addition to being an extremely capable horsewoman, Kelly is especially adept at helping beginners understand the practicality of what they are being taught.  Kelly attended college on track and cross-country scholarships, and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics as well as a Minor and an Associate of Arts Degree.

Kelly Gregory forging with husband Chris

Kelly is an irreplaceable member of the team that is dedicated to making you one of the best farriers in the industry.  Her ability to work on even the most uncooperative horses help to give students confidence and guidance.  You will never be asked to do something a HHS that Chris or Kelly would be unwilling to do.

Cody Gregory
Cody Gregory, at age 15, doing his successful AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier horse

Cody has grown up in the shop, and has always had a strong desire to shoe horses.  He has been allowed to work towards his farrier goals since he was 4.  As a kid of 6 or 7, he told his dad that he would beat his Certified Journeyman Farrier record, (which was CJF at the age of 22).  In 2006, at the age of 14, Cody became the youngest AFA Certified Farrier in the world.  The following year, Cody passed the AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier exams 3 months before his 16th birthday, making him the youngest CJF in history by many years.  A record that many think will stand for a long time.

In 2009, Cody began the process of taking the Associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, (AWCF).  To do this, he first received his Diploma of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, (DipWCF).  Holding a DipWCF at the age of 17 is also a record that is not likely to be bested.  He succeeded in passing the practical portion of the AWCF on his first attempt, also at the age of 17.

Cody has competed in several farrier contests, winning his first buckle in a youth class in Oklahoma at the age of 6.  In 2008, he competed at the World Champion Blacksmiths Competition in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  In 2005, he competed in the novice division of the South African Farriers Association National Championships.

He wrote and published his first article in the American Farriers’ Journal in 2008, and has had one of his photos appear on the cover of that magazine as well.  He was also honored to be on the cover of The European Farrier’s Journal in a picture from Calgary taken by Bob Garner.  Cody was an examiner at the first certification in Brazil for the Association of Brazilian Farriers, and has helped do clinics in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, as well as several domestic venues.  Cody also does some farrier clinics on his own.

As a result of his many years of experience, Cody seems to be a natural at forging, shoeing, and farrier theory knowledge.  Even though he is quite young, he can often help students learn by showing them that this business is not all about brawn.  Good technique can do more than brute force.  Cody has a level of maturity that is beyond his years, and many of the past students that he has helped found him to be a huge advantage to their learning process.

Due to his age and other commitments, Cody is not full-time at HHS.  When he is able to come in, you will be happy to have the additional instructor.  Cody, Kelly and Chris combined bring a total of over 50 years of farriery experience for you to draw from.

Cody Gregory working along with Chris